Project Prakash

We enable children like Baby to live a life of dignity and

We enable children like Baby to live a life of dignity and independence.

According to WHO, approximately 1 in a 150 Indians suffer from blindness; nearly a million of these are children. In over half of the cases, the blindness is treatable or preventable; however, most of the children never receive medical attention due to a variety of reasons. Orbis International estimates that 60 percent of India’s blind children die before reaching adulthood.

At Project Prakash Charitable Trust, these statistics are more than mere numbers; each figure represents a child we have not yet reached.

What We Do

Project Prakash Charitable Trust is dedicated to bringing light into the lives of persons with various disabilities. Currently, our primary focus is on children afflicted with curable blindness.

We offer crucial support to children affected by congenital cataracts. We provide them with the necessary medical treatment, followed by educational and vocational training, empowering them to lead lives filled with dignity and purpose.



Outreach camps conducted in remote villages to identify and support visually challenged children.


Children with refractive errors receive corrective eye gear, while those requiring surgery are referred to our partner hospital, Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital in Delhi.


Providing customized education opportunities to Prakash children.

Vocational Skills

Providing vocational skill training for older Prakash youth.


Ongoing Counselling

Material and non-material support spanning several years for Prakash children and their families.

The onset of Prakash

Stories of the resilience of the Prakash children

Vision for change

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